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Homeopathic Remedies for home treatment of COVID-19

As things start to heat up and those of us with children at home are encouraged to stay at home if cold and flue-like symptoms are mild and manageable, it's easy to start to feel a little panicked. But there's really no need mamma bears, you've got this. You have probably nursed your children through worse and this too shall pass.

This virus is a 'cold' virus and those at risk are the weak, the elderly, those with a history of respiratory vulnerabilities and the immunocompromised. Also those who have had the flue shot are also generally at higher risk of respiratory illnesses according to this study. We have been exposed to animal viruses before, we are an organic part of the animal kingdom, we have tremendous ability to adapt, this virus does not thrive in heat, and it is already showing signs of slowing down, so enjoy this quiet time with close family and loved ones, settle in for the next few weeks, get local and homely, return to old creative projects you've abandoned, take out a family puzzle, books you haven't given yourself time to read, start making bread at home, paint, sketch, practice that instrument you've always wanted to play, in many ways this craziness is a great gift.

I advise everyone to take 1/2 teaspoon of Sodium ascorbate daily, to keep your fluids up and keep them warm, (no ice, unless it's all your kids will take to keep hydrated), eat plenty of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, cut back on acidic causing foods (red meat, processed sugars), rest, exercise, keep your body temperature stable, laugh, walk, work in your garden if you have one, if you don't make a herb garden in your kitchen or on a balcony or on the roof of your building. Plants and dirt are wonderful for the immune system. Keep your mouth and throat clean by gargling with a mild salt solution daily and sip on hot herb teas all day. Of course wash your hands, front and back, with soap, every time you leave and enter your home, before eating, on waking in the morning, and often throughout the day.

Obviously, if you or your loved ones are showing signs of respiratory distress, or Coronavirus pneumonia symptoms, follow the instructions of your local council and or health departments. In Israel this means contact MDA.

What are coronavirus pneumonia symptoms ?

Lung Surgeon, Dr Sunil Karkhanis describes the symptoms. Coronavirus pneumonia is a dry cough without runny nose. The virus is not heat-resistant and will be killed at a temperature of 30-35 degrees. The virus sits in the throat for 3-4 days and will feel dry and sore. Then the nasal fluid will drip (post nasal drip) into the trachea and enter the lungs causing pneumonia, a process of 5-6 days. The nasal congestion is described as "drowning in water" and the the high fever will present with difficulty in breathing.

For other cold and flue symptoms, see my cold and flue guide and this damn flue article. For symptoms specific to this virus, here is a list of remedies to keep on hand.


Feels hot, the body feels warm, the face, ears, eyes all feel hot, even without fever, the lips are red. The sensations are those of burning. Sulphur suffers from hot, dry skin, it is a hot dry and thirsty remedy. They feel better with cool air and want their drinks ice cold, but encourage them to drink warm drinks as the virus cannot withstand heat. The nose, mouth, throat and bronchi are dry and there is little perspiration. Pnuemonia makes most patients very tired, fatigued and sleepy and with this virus, the dry cough presents later. It is not a primary symptom. Sulphur likes to talk about their situation, and will happily describe their symptoms, but they are also easily disgusted by the 'germ's of others and can be irritable. Digestive complaints are rare, though there may be vomiting or diarrhoea or disordered stomach. Discharges are bland.


Generally Lycopodium is chilly but during acutes, the chills may alternate with heat. They may also seek out cool air, but will almost always prefer warm drinks. Again we find dryness in the nose, mouth, throat, bronchi with scant sweat and the typical exhaustion, fatigue and tiredness which comes with pneumonia. However Lycopodium do not love company, they become irritable with having to talk and have no energy to engage. They prefer just to be left alone though they do want someone around. They can be emotionally distant, cut off and they can become anxious if they have any energy, but usually they don't.


Feels the heat strongly - flushes of heat, the body is hot or the face is flushed, they eyes, are hot, the ears red and burning even without fever. They may ask for cool air or warm, but they will be very thirsty for large quantities of cold water. Again the nasal and respiratory passages are dry and there is little perspiration, and of course the fatigue. Phos are more anxious and want company. They feel better with people around them, and are quite fearful, fear of recovery, fear for loved ones.

Arsenicum album:

This is a cold remedy, which wants small sips of water, warm drinks and warm applications. They also feel the heat and will probably present with fever. The sensation is of burning and having been poisoned by the disease, with fear of recovery and immanent death. No perspiration and again the dryness of the nose, mouth and throat with extreme fatigue. They are restless and want to move from here to there, even in their fatigued state. Arsenic is full of fears and anxiety, they talk about the impending doom of the virus, how many have dies so far and and their own terrible state. Bryonia:

All the usual symptoms of exhaustion and fatigue, dry heat and fever but Bryonia really does want to be left alone. They do NOT want to move. They can sit in one position facing a wall or a window for hours. They don not have the energy to talk, to tell of their symptoms or to engage. They just want to lie still. Bryonia is very thirsty for cold drinks and are really irritable patients. They want everyone to just go away and leave them alone.

A homeopathic nosode of the virus will be available soon. While Classical Homeopaths do not generally believe in using nosodes as a protective mechanism, if symptoms of the virus present, it may be called for.

Dosing Instructions: see here

Please consult a qualified Classical Homeopath, especially if you are new to homeopathy. I can be reached online for consultations during this time. Contact me at rebhomeopath@gmail.com on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pg/rebberm

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