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What to Expect


After your first dose, you may experience an aggravation. This is a good indication that the remedy is correct and your organism is responding. You may have a headache for a few hours, you may feel that you need to sleep more, sometimes for days, a rash or eczema may appear, there may be flushing and heat, or you may feel more emotional. Everything will settle in a few days. Be sure to take note of what's happening and share it with your practitioner. The organism is reorganizing itself, it takes time. 

In acute situations, such as a fever, the aggravation may go unnoticed. 


The organism needs time. One month is generally, though not always, enough time to see if there is a positive movement. You may be asked to continue without repeating or changing the remedy. This means some small changes have been observed and more time is needed. 


As you return to a better state of health you may find yourself backtracking and experiencing symptoms of  previously suppressed diseased states. This is a good sign, though it may be a little uncomfortable. Some patients are asked to suffer through for weeks or in extreme cases even months, others may be advised to treat with mild allopathic medications, and for some the symptoms may be fleeting. Please be patient. Homeopathy aims to provide patients with a deep and long-standing curative action on all levels, not simply palliation. The organism needs time to readjust. 



This is also a good time to try to catch your dreams - keep a notebook by your bedside and write everything down. Dreams reflect much of what is going on in the subconscious and your homeopath may ask you to relay repetitive dreams or those that remain with you. 

Dosing and Storage Instructions 

Please keep remedies away from all mobile and electronic devices. When traveling, wrap remedies in foil.


VERY IMPORTANT - 1 dose means just that. Not once a day, not once a week, just once.

One or two pills, once. 

1. Each time you take a dose, bang the closed bottle against the heel of the palm of your other hand or against a heavy book x10. This increases the potency slightly so you are always increasing the stimulation.Water doses can be shaken x10 or stirred x10.

In Homeopathic dosing, the number 10 is important, please don't add or subtract.

2. Pop 1-2 pills into the lid, without touching and then directly under the tongue. Hold till dissolved. This is considered 1 dose.

video demonstration 



When instructed, (and for small children and infants), dilute 1 or 2 pills into a shot glass of filtered or bottled (spring) water. Let sit till dissolved, and give 5mls via a syringe, on a teaspoon, or in a sip. This is considered 1 dose. Throw what remains out, or cover and keep if instructed. 



Dilute 1 or 2 pills in 1/4 small glass of filtered or bottled (spring) water. Take 5mls every fifteen minutes over the course of 1 hour - a total of 4 doses, and then wait. If symptoms remain or return after a few hours, you can repeat. STOP dosing at any time if you see a change for better or worse. Things may get worse before they get better. This is called an AGGRAVATION and it's a good sign that the remedy is acting.


I suggest two pills just to be safe but if you have limited stock you may use one.


Drop 2-3 drops of the LM liquid or pills into a clean bottle of filtered or spring water. Bang the bottle x10 (or as advised), each time you take an approximate 5ml sip from the bottle. Take as instructed.


When you reach the end of the bottle, save one dose, refill with spring or filtered water, and continue dosing as instructed. 



Constitutional dosing should be as per instructions from your homeopath. Your follow up assessment is AS IMPORTANT as your initial consultations and is charged as a separate consultation. It is here that ALL the work of assessing the action of the remedy, your level of health, and follow up treatment is done. It is a CRUCIAL part of the treatment. Please keep or send notes about any and all changes during the month, and do not take acute remedies or other medications without informing or discussing with your homeopath. EVERYTHING is connected, and often an acute reaction to a constitutional or chronic treatment is an important part of the progression of the case. 

STORAGE and When to take your remedy.

Take remedies 15 minutes away from food. No coffee/caffein and no cannabis during the months following treatment please, or you will find yourself back where you started with a confused remedy picture. Take remedies fifteen minutes away from brushing teeth and where possible avoid strong toothpaste. PLEASE DO NOT USE SENSODYNE toothpaste as it may interfere with the treatment.  


Store away from strong odors, (menthol, camphor, strong perfumes), away from direct sunlight and mobile and electronic devices. These can and do interfere with remedies. If you need to keep them in your bag, or for transport, please wrap in aluminum foil and store in a pouch away from your mobile. 



Please order from a reputable supplier. Israeli orders can be ordered through and collected from your local SuperPharm or from local dispensaries.

If you have a local dispensary please let me know so I can add it to our list. 


Superpharm - 0778885705

Hagalil pharmacy TLV-


USA -East coast

Washington Homeopathics dairy free

USA-West coast

Hahnemann Labs   

1-800 Homeopathy up to 200c - Michigan - Parkway Center

Crown Heights - parve, contact Chanah Bongart - 3477655882



Ainsworths (Phone orders for kits)


Vital Homeopathics



Thomson’s (minimum order $20) 


Source Homeopathy USA


Martin and Pleasance (Homeopath sales only)

Brauer (Homeopath sales only)


Owen Homoeopathics



Narayani Remedies

Email for single remedy orders

Lincoln Mall Pharmacy

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