What to Expect ?


It is essential to follow dosing instructions carefully. If you are advised to take the remedy ONCE, that means ONCE, not once a day or once a week.


Homeopathy works in a completely different way to chemicals and often we only need one or two doses.  

INITIAL AGGRAVATION - Actes and chronic/constitutional


After your first dose, you may experience an aggravation. This is a good indication that the remedy is correct and your organism is responding. You may have a headache for a few hours, you may feel that you need to sleep, a rash or eczema may appear, there may be flushing, heat, you may feel more emotional. Everything will settle in a few days. Be sure to take note of what's happening and share it with your practitioner. The organism is reorganising itself, it takes time. 

In Acute situations, the aggravation may go unnoticed. 




This is also a good time to try to catch your dreams - keep a notebook by your bedside and write everything down. 



The organism needs time. One month is generally, though not always, enough time to see if there is a positive movement. You may be asked to continue without repeating or changing the remedy. This means some small changes have been observed and more time is needed to assess if the remedy is correct. 



The correct course of remedies encourages the organism to return to a better state of health and often this means it backtracks and expresses things which were previously suppressed if they were not completely cleared at the time. Some patients are asked to suffer through these symptoms for months, others may be advised to treat with mild allopathic medications.  

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