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Cold and Flu Guide

Updated: Aug 27, 2023


Sudden onset - first signs of a cold, chilly patient, thirsty and quite anxious about being sick.

Panicked, flustered, speedy pulse. After exposure to cold and cold winds.


Hot, red, intense, throbbing headache, earache, and inflammation. Dry flushed face, glazed watery eyes. Dilated pupils. High fever which comes up fast. Sensitive to any movement,

jarring, light and noise. Ear pain causes screaming


Collapsed feeling, shivery, tired, aches and pains all over, hot and cold, sore nose, very tired,

just wants to lie down and sleep. Classic head cold symptoms.


Running nose, lots of sneezing, at first clear then turning thick and yellow. The patients just wants to be left alone and does not want sympathy or attention.


Headache, aches and pains all over the body, irritable, nasal congestion, cold, can’t get warm. From excess use of stimulants or bad diet, nervous system is effected.


Classic Flue remedy - feels like they have been hit by a bus - sore, bruised, aching bones.

Headache worse on movement. Very thirsty.


Burning nasal discharge, fever, sneezing, inflammation of mucous membranes - sore throat,

runny nose etc. The patient is very cold and quite anxious, moving from one place to another. Restless.

Wants to lie down. Worse from cold. Also good for the treatment of vomiting or diarrhea when the patient feels like they have been poisoned by bad food.


Slow onset, feels like they have been getting sick for days, mild fever, worse at night, can present with nosebleeds. Prefer cold drinks and applications.


Thick discharge from mucous membranes - yellow or green mucus. Ears blocked, worse at night, better outdoors or

with an open window, loves attention and wants to be taken care of.


Dry painful cough, very thirsty, worse at night. The slow progress of Flu, bursting pain in the forehead.

Wants to lie still in a dark, quiet room.

treat what you meet ...

When treating acutes, we always treat for the most obvious symptoms,

those which make themselves known at the time. Add 2-3 remedy pillules to

1/4 cup bottled/purified water and stir till dissolved. Then give 5 mls, (1 tsp) every 15 minutes,

4 times over the course of 1 hour. Then wait. If symptoms change beforehand, stop giving the remedy.

With colds and flues, as the infection develops, symptoms change. Treat for each stage as needed or contact your local Classica Homeopath for directions.

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