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Recovering our Vaccine Damaged Children

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Many parents today are skeptical of a pharmaceutical industry we had come to trust and depend on. As we watched the covid vaccine narrative crumble we started to question the intensions of the lucrative industry which clearly did not have our best interests at heart. But for parents starting to investigate for themselves, the pivot from the pharmaceutical backed medical model towards holistic and traditional healing, can raise confronting issues and questions such as, facing and repairing the damage already done to children we previously vaccinated.

Heal the Gut

One of the earliest critics of the Measles, Mumps Rubella vaccine (MMR) was a gastroenterologist name Andrew Wakefield who made a link between inflammatory gut diseases (seen in his Autistic pediatric patients), and the MMR, which, at the time, used mercury as its inflammatory agent. (All vaccines need an inflammatory agent called an adjuvant, to create an immune reaction). Thirty years later, we all understand the direct relationship between gut health (the microbiome) and mental health, which Wakefield drew attention to inferring a possible causative link to Autism. Because he dared to question the sacred cash-cow of Pharma, he was annihilated in a well funded smear campaign which eventually lead to him being struck from the UK medical register, ending his medical career.

But Wakefield's investigations led parents of children with Autistic spectrum symptoms, many of whom had terrible digestive problems, to further investigate. They found that the first step to reversing the damage, was to clean up their children's diet. This meant eliminating all artificial colors, flavors, additives, preservatives, bad oils, processed foods, simple carbohydrates and sugars from their diet. It also required initially removing all allergen's, which are different for each child, dairy and wheat.

The overgrowth of unfriendly gut bacteria and yeasts (candida) can cause inflammation in the gut lining, which eventually leads to a deterioration in the walls, allowing food proteins to escape before they are completely broken down. This is called leaky gut syndrome. These proteins, specifically those from gluten and dairy, may cross over the blood brain barrier and effect brain function. They are called casomorphins from casein (dairy) and glateomorphins from gluten (wheat) and they have the effect of morphin on the brain. Our kids are literally doped out. So while the gut is healing, all dairy and all wheat must be removed completely from the diet. In just a few weeks we start to see the fogginess lift and our children start to wake up.

So the first step is to starve the gut of bad bacteria and kill off yeast (candida) while giving the gut walls time to self repair. Then we will slowly introduce good gut bacteria with the introduction of probiotic foods which are high in lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacterium, and god yeats such as Saccharomyces boulardii. This very restrictive diet is temporary and it will help if the whole family does it together.

Healing Gut Diet

  1. No sugar of any kind, including fruit. (until the gut lining heals) because even fruit sugars feed yeast and bad bacteria.

  2. No artificial additives, colour, flavors, preservatives etc.

  3. No bad oils - canola/rapeseed, sunflower etc. Only use cold pressed oils, with a preference for coconut, avocado and olive.

  4. No poor quality table salt. Salt is necessary and should be part of our daily diet - use a mineral rich natural sea-salt or unprocessed (grey) salt.

  5. No dairy (until the gut lining heals, at which point you can introduce high probiotic organic goat or sheep yogurts, kfir and white cheeses which provide important fats).

  6. No wheat or wheat products, no soy or corn products. Basmati rice can be used in small amounts as can rice wraps and rice noodles in moderation. (In severe cases, its best to avoid rice products too but parents may find this impossible).

  7. Wherever possible organic and grass fed beef, chicken and fish may be used only if well cooked (to avoid parasites).

  8. Eggs - organic only.

The idea of this diet is to starve off the yeast (candida) which thrives on sugar and to significantly reduce bad gut bacteria and replace it with good gut bacteria. There may be a period of die off, while this happens as gasses are released by the starving bacteria and yeast trying to fight back. During this time, hydration and regular bowel movements are important.

Clear and Support the Detoxification Pathways

Children on the spectrum have been shown to have impaired detoxification pathways and low levels of glutathione. Sulphur is an important mineral in the synthesis of glutathione which helps break down and mop up chemical toxins and free radicals. Sulphur can be found in onions, garlic and cruciferous vegetables and it is one of the all-time great homeopathic remedies, known as the king of Psora.

Magnesium helps eliminate mercury, led and aluminum from the cells of the body and flush them out, with the support of vitamin C and vitamin E. It helps hyperactive children settle down and sleep well, and it helps the muscles relax. Tics are often a sign of magnesium deficiency.

Regular bathing in mineral rich salts, such as Epsom salt, helps the detoxification process providing much needed minerals (including magnesium and sulphur), as does a daily dose of electrolytes in water. An epsom salt bath after a swim in a chlorinated poole will detox excess chlorine, and help children settle and sleep well. Epsom salt baths can also help with growing pains, as can a magnesium supplement. It is recommended to drink a glass of water before having an epsom salt bath. Hyperactive children can be helped to settle by massaging their calf muscles from the back of the knee down towards the feet, drawing the energy down and out through the feet. Foot patch detoxes are also a great way to draw toxins out.

The lymphatic system is like the garbage sorting system of the fluids in your body. Jumping on a trampoline is one of the best ways to encourage good lymphatic drainage. I encourage parents to get a trampoline for their vaccine damaged and nuro-typical children.

And most importantly, the bowels must move. Adequate water and fluids will help as well as exercise and movement and soft, well cooked nutrient rich foods which are easy to digest, such as soups and stews, slow cooked vegetables, or cooked salads in summer. Vitamin C can be given to bowel tolerance to help with constipation. Bowel tolerance is a term coined by pediatric nephrologist (kidney specialist) Dr Susanne Humphreys who first drew our attention to vaccines as a cause of injury and death in very young infants and the madness of injecting even premie babies at all costs. She speaks of mineral and vitamin deficiencies as causes for many common childhood diseases and encourages the use of quite high doses of vitamin C during period of illness.

Detox Pathway Protocols

  1. Give an adequate amount of vitamin C daily. (Ignore daily recommended values, find your child's own maximum levels by assessing their bowel tolerance. When they get the runs, they have had enough, an indication of their tolerance level). During the weeks of detoxing stick to higher doses (bowel tolerance) and drop back to an age appropriate recomended daily support dose after the detox is complete.

  2. Eat plenty of garlic, onions, broccoli and cabbage, as well as other cruciferous vegetables. If you'r child has trouble digesting these, wait until their gut bacteria is better established and then introduce them slowly. Fermented cabbage - sauerkraut, and a mild kimchi are great ways to introduce these foods back into the diet.

  3. Daily exercise and movement - jump on a trampoline or lightly tap along the lymph node lines to stimulate them. A brisk morning walk facing the sun to facilitate vitamin D production, or daily swim in the ocean can be integrated into family activities. Do not use sunscreen. A pure zinc cream is the best form of protection for extended periods in the summer sun. You can find these in surf shops.

  4. Bath in Epsom salt or mineral rich salts x 2-3 week.

  5. Give plenty of fluids, herb teas and water and add electrolytes to water for an extra mineral boost. Coconut water is mineral rich and can be made into an excellent sugar and dairy free fermented kfir. You can order kfir grains online or ask in your local health communities.

Once the elimination paths are supported and working, you can start to introduce good gut bacteria and slowly build it up over time.

  1. Introduce a small amount of lacto fermented foods daily.

  2. Introduce a small amount of kombucha daily. Make it a treat, try different flavors, serve it cold and in shot glasses, building it up over time.

  3. Give a good probiotic daily.

  4. Eat a nutrient rich diet including bone broth and plenty of greens, seaweed, cooked fish, chicken, and soups.

Avoid Inflammatory Foods and and Increase Foods that Reduce Inflammation

Vaccines cause inflammation of the nervous system and the brain of our sensitive children causing meltdowns, anxiety, OCD and fixed behaviors, sensory overload, pain and irritability. So we want to avoid adding to the load by avoiding inflammatory foods.

  1. Avoid all sugar, colors, table salt, additives, fast foods, flavors, genetically modified foods, convenience foods, packaged foods, take away foods and sodas. Avoid the supermarket altogether if you can. Shop local and seasonal wherever possible.

  2. Avoid all alcohol and all sodas.

  3. Avoid bad oils and all fried foods.

  4. Avoid all simple and refined carbohydrates.

  5. Avoid poor quality meats. Grass fed, slow cooked, organic is best.

Foods that have anti inflammatory properties include:

  1. Mediterranean foods which are high in fatty fish, olive oil, leafy greens, tomatoes, fresh herbs such as oregano, garlic, parsley and coriander (Cilantro).

  2. Turmeric or the active ingredient in turmeric called curcumin.

  3. Ginger.

  4. Broccoli, leafy greens, avocado, peppers, mushrooms, grapes, berries of all kinds, nuts, green tea, herbal teas.

Clean up Viral and Parasitic Trouble Makers

We have colonies and communities and cities of bacteria, viruses and parasites living inside our digestive tract. Some good and some bad, and even the seemingly bad ones can play a good role in keeping others in check. But in kids on the spectrum, they can play havoc and it is a good idea to support their elimination where possible. I suggest adding and olive leaf extract or oregano oil into your childs daily intake however you can do that. With kids on the spectrum, its often hard to get them to take supplements, especially strong tasting ones. So remember the skin is also a way in. You can rub oils into the soft tissue of the wrists, back of the knees or elbow joints. Other herbals supplements that help fight viral loads are garlic, echinacea, elderberry or reishi mushrooms. (Link bellow to more herbs).

Parasites can be kept at bay with plenty of fresh garlic added to salad dressing or vegetable dishes after cooking, garlic can be fermented, slow cooked to make a paste, mixed into a savory yogurt with fresh herbs or a home made fermented cheese. Pumpkin seeds should be eaten regularly - they can be eaten raw, shelled, or toasted and thrown into salads. For more severe parasites, and to get rid of eggs, you may need help from a functional doctor.

Catching the Metals - Chelation

Now that you have cleaned up the gut and supported the detoxification pathways, reduced inflammation and nourished the cells, it's time to look at chelation of metals from the brain.

Professor Chris Exley, a leading specialist in aluminum and brain inflammation says that to date, aluminum is the leading toxic candidate. The small particles of alluminium at the vaccine injection site stay in the body for a few days and possibly weeks, and can be transported across the blood brain barrier during an inflammatory event which itself may be caused by the vaccine. He recommends taking silica, which is also one of our great homeopathic remedies, often used to push unwanted things out the body, such as splinters or shards of glass. Exley recommends drinking water high in the mineral silica, such as Fuji water. You can also buy liquid silica from a natural pharmacy, which you can add to filtered water.

Clay baths such as diatomaceous earth and bentonite clay are other method of chelation, as is coriander/cilantro and cholera as an oral chelate. These are fine if you are chelating as a precaution, but detoxing vaccine damage needs to be done a little more conservatively as you don't want to pull the metals from one part and have them settle somewhere else in the body. We want to facilitate the movement out without depleting the body of too many minerals.

Andrew Hall Cutler, a research scientist and chemist, created a protocol for cheating (drawing out) mercury poisoning and other metals, using DMSA and ALA. I personally used his protocol on myself and one of my children, following the removal of a mouthful of mercury fillings, and it was, I believe very successful.It's a complicated protocol and one I do recommend if you have or suspect mercury or heavy metal poisoning. (Search for the Cutler Protocol - Andy Cutler). For parents of children on the spectrum, it's usually the chelation at the end of the process that is a game changer in terms of recovery. This step cannot be done until the gut is healed, and the natural detoxification pathways are functioning well enough to support the chelation and the transportation of the metals out of the body.


Until I saw a case or two where the correct homeopathic remedy or series of remedies were used to recover quite severely vaccine damaged autistic children, I remained skeptical. But without changes to diet and lifestyle, I saw miraculous results and full recovery. I have a few children in my practice on the spectrum and I see good results over time, though it requires much patience and an experienced homeopath to manage the case. Homeopathy is often an easier choice for parents because as it is, children on the spectrum have very restricted diets and they find change difficult, so the younger you start the better. Homeopathy addresses the mental and emotional issues too, such as the meltdowns, fixed behaviors, ritualistic behaviors and sensory sensitivities. And of course I advise parents to support their child's journey of recovery as much as possible with the above protocols at the same time.

A note : The references to homeoepthic medicines in this article are purely literary references and not recommendations. Homeopathy doesn't work that way. Please consult a qualified homeopath before taking any homeopathic remedies.

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