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Homeopathy - natures medicine

If you ingest the raw ingredients of mercury, arsenic or belladonna, in their most base forms, you will become very ill very quickly and in all likelihood die. Homeopathy takes all of what nature has to offer us and dilutes these materials into very refined medicines which produce certain symptoms. These symptoms, which have been collected over time are recorded in the Homeopathic Repertory and are used by Homeopaths to find the correct remedy to treat the many individual expressions of imbalance and disease. The remedies act by communicating with the bodies own immune system or vital life force,  producing the same symptoms and thus supporting our natural response to disease or imbalance. Sometimes all we need is an adjustment so the body can continue its healing process. So often when you take a remedy, you may experience an aggravation of symptoms. This is a good sign that the remedy is correct and amelioration of symptoms should follow.


Everyone is Different

Everyone responds to stress differently. We processes disease and imbalance uniquely and recover in our own way and time. Homeopathy looks for the unique and peculiar symptoms which differentiate one patient from another. Is the patient hot and restless? Are they cold and thirsty? Are they expressive and talkative or closed and conservative? How do they sleep? Where do they sweat most and do they prefer salty or sweet foods? These things are important and your homeopath will want to know. Some remedies sleep with sox on and some stick their feet out the bed. Which one are you?


Physical, Emotional and Mental

We are complex beings. We function on many levels, and all levels feed influence one another each. Science is now catching up with what holistic practitioners and healers have always known. A Classical Homeopath wants to know how you feel emotionally, and how your cognitive functions work. Are you a fast thinker, do you need order, do you expect others to work to your standards of perfection, and if not do you get angry, slamming your fist on the table? Or are you a peacemaker, someone who can't tolerate conflict? How is your memory? Are you philosophical or are you pragmatic? All these traits will help your Classical Homeopath find a remedy which best fits the symptoms you express in order to deal with the stresses you face on all levels.


Time to Heal

Homeopathic remedies may take effect instantly or they may take months to work. I have seen patients literally transform before my eyes within minutes of taking a remedy, and others take weeks or months. Remedies for acute conditions need to take action quickly, but the body is a slow and complex entity and even in acute situations (fevers, colds and flues, rashes, bites and stings, minor burns, toothache, headache, etc.) you need to be patient. Give the remedy time and observe closely for any changes. As soon as you see change, STOP, and allow the body time to adjust. In acute situations, you may need to repeat the remedy every fifteen minutes or change the potency more often. 


First things First

Homeopathy works by addressing the presenting layer FIRST, so even though some physical health issue is seemingly important, your Homeopath may ignore it while she treats your emotional or mental state first. She or he will get to the next layers in good time. Sometimes, a remedy will contain within it more than just the inflammation you came to be treated for, and you will find yourself feeling more balanced, less irritable, and clearer. Some will manage with one remedy for ten years, others may need a new one every few days or weeks. Your Classical Homeopath has been trained to understand what to treat first and why and how to read your general state of health by your response to the remedies over time, and how to treat accordingly.


Changing Symptoms

Your Classical Homeopath will ask you to check in with any changes. We are looking to track the action of the remedy to see if it needs repetition or a higher or lower potentized dose. We want to know everything, so don't be afraid to write or text to let us know, your changing symptoms as they happen. Change is what we are most interested in. Suddenly you may crave salty fish after not having had an interest in it before. Or you may feel better going out into large public spaces where you were quite panicked about the idea before. You may start crying at the 'drop of a hat', find yourself opening all the windows in the middle of winter or break out in a severe skin rash. These things are all important indications of the direction in which you is heading on your journey towards balance and cure. Classical Homeopathy is a holistic model which uses nature in it's most subtle and refined forms, to treat disease and restore balance respecting the founding principle of medicine, to first do no harm.