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Your Sick Child is Busy Creating Herd Immunity

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

This is a very good time to be in the health care profession - as we integrate a new family of gain of purpose - which means manipulated, viruses. From psychologists to homeopaths our practices are full of people recovering from long Covid and vaccine damage. We already know the PCR test is unreliable, so that tells us nothing about whether we have or don’t have the Covid virus. But what we do know is that since 2019, our children (and our families) have been sicker than usual. Especially the little ones now entering back into the kindergarten and school systems.

Children are often sick during their first few years in kindergarten, this is how they build immunity to their environments. But today they are being further challenged by the criminal and possibly intentional introduction of a virus that is not natural. So how are we expected to fight it, given that the medical cartel is not to be trusted anymore, and even so, they lack any real, safe and effective solutions, including the dangerous experimental injection, misleadingly called a 'vaccine'.

Immunologist and virologist Geert Vanden Bossche is adamant that children are our best hope for creating heard immunity because they have strong innate immune response that creates antibodies. He warned strongly against giving vaccines during the pandemic blaming them for creating a pressure environment for the virus, forcing it to mutate. He now warns against vaccinating children and putting their innate immune system at risk. He says, herd immunity means, thanks to their natural immunity, they can kill the virus, they can sterilise the virus.

Only herd immunity will be able, at the population level, to dramatically reduce infectious pressure and to tame the pandemic so that it can transition into an endemic phase. Vaccines cannot do this. On the contrary, the vaccines lead to the breeding of more and more infectious variants, which is enhancing the infectious pressure in the population.

Our children are essentially our front line fighters in this battle, so how can we best support them?

Provide a nutrient rich diet -

Good nutrients through food and water nourish the cells giving us clean fuel and that is the first place to start. Provide nutrient dense, organic where possible, local and seasonal foods. Encourage your children to eat quietly without screens in front of them. Saying a small prayer or blessing before they eat, ritualises mealtimes and helps establish positive patterns of gratitude and awareness around food. And as always, provide plenty of warm fluids, home made chicken soup, miso broth, bone broth, manuka honey and warm, healing foods to support them during times of illness.

During these times, additional ammunition may be needed in the form of vitamin and mineral supplements.

  • Vitamin C is king. Dont be afraid to increase your child's dose to what paediatric nephrologist (kidney specialist), Dr Suzanne Humphreys calls bowel tolerance. This is the amount of vitamin C that can be absorbed by your child daily. As soon as they get the runs, you know they have reached their limit. Use this measured dose to treat them during times of illness only. Elderberry syrup is one good source of vitamin C, as is blackcurrant syrup which I find effective in clearing longstanding coughs with thick mucus. Two kiwi fruit a day will provide a daily dose of vitamin C when they are well.

  • Vitamin D can be easily added to soft foods, as it is tasteless. When children don’t get enough sun, a vitamin D supplement may be called for to help with bone development and to support immune function.

  • Zinc is the soldier that gets inside the cells and kills the virus but it needs an antiviral agent to do so. Ginger, ginseng, rosemary, oregano, garlic, and Querctin are natural anti virals and are safe for children. Liquid zinc can be added to water. If your child spits it out straight away complaining of its bitter taste, they probably have enough.

  • Iron is critical for strong immune support, so if your children don’t eat meat or greens have a look at other foods or a gentle liquid supplement, that will provide enough iron. Often a lack of appetite indicates low iron.

Expose children to a variety of different natural environments -

An idea popularized by Dr. Zac Bush, is that we need to expose our children and ourselves to a variety of different natural environments, so that they absorb and adapt to a wide group of natural flora and fauna, viruses, yeasts, and bacteria’s found in the dirt, air and water. By spending time in nature, we absorb these different organisms through our respiratory tract, skin and senses and train our immune system to better deal with the environmental challenges we face each day.

  • Children should be encouraged to play and walk barefoot on grass and on the beach and to play in dirt and mud. They should swim in lakes, oceans and springs and walk through the rainforest when possible.

  • You can also increase the intake of natural yeasts and good bacteria by making and incorporating home fermented products - kombucha, sour dough breads, sauerkraut, and salt pickled vegetables into your regular daily meals. Children love fizzy kombucha with different flavors and colors. Learn to make it yourself or buy it from your local health store. Start with a small shot in a shot glass and make it a treat for them. There is much to be said for first time fun experiences and packaging.

  • Remove household cleansers, air fresheners, sprays and perfumes from your home and school environments and replace them with natural ones such as sodium-bicarbonate, white vinegar, salt, and good quality essential oils. Get involved in your communities and educate those around you and make policy changes where necessary.

Your sick child is probably very healthy -

For a child to create a strong immune response (runny nose, inflamed lymph glands, sore throat, mucus production), they need to have a strong vital lifeforce. When parents tell me their children are sick often and with a fever, I am very happy. It indicates that they are healthy. The children who never get sick, are either on the highest level of health, or their immune system is functioning poorly, according to the Levels of Health Theory proposed by master homeopath, Gorge Vithoulkas. These children (and adults), are unable to raise a fever, to fight the pathogen. Often, they have been fully vaccinated or exposed to ongoing suppressive medication such as cortisone or antibiotics. We have to walk these patients back to health slowly and patiently, often with many remedies, changes in diet and lifestyle and with time.

The correct homeopathic remedy, often called a constitutional remedy, can help strengthen the child, so they are better equipped to fight whatever comes along. Healthier children are easier to match with their constitutional remedy as their organism expresses clearer symptoms. If a constitutional remedy is not called for, we treat the acute symptoms as they present to help support the immune response of the child and strengthen them.

Facing the pathogen -

In classical homeopathic practice, targeting a specific pathogen is rarely done. But with this gain of function (manipulated) virus, homeopaths are having some success treating it quite aggressively with remedies made from either the pathogen itself, the spike protein, or the vaccine. This idea was popularized by homeopath Ton Jansen, who addresses the chemical onslaught of the modern age, with the use of pharmaceutical drugs from birth control to vaccines, cortisone, antibiotics etc. Looking at a very specific timeline, if the origin of the problem started soon after the introduction of a specific pathogen or pharmaceutical chemical, he recommends a short and intense program (depending on the timeline and health of the patient), of the matching chemical compound in homeopathic dilution, supported by a constitutional remedy.

Coupled with a well-chosen constitutional remedy, I have had success with some adult patients suffering the effects of long covid, using this method. One patient suffered serious daily and debilitating headaches after a bout with the second variant of the virus. Her constitutional remedy was obvious, and I treated her with the covid remedy which she took for one month. Her headaches disappeared, and she was able to return to her daily life as a busy mom.

My classical training leans towards believing the constitutional remedy is what did the trick, but we will never really know. And since we are dealing with a gain of function pathogen I am open to believing that perhaps during these times, we may need some extra ammunition and a multi pronged attack.

With gratitude to our little front line soldiers, we can use homeopathy, diet, lifestyle and love, to support them as they create herd immunity for us all against what is essentially a nasty and evil, man made weapon - the consequences of which we will not understand for generations to come.


Rebecca Bermeister is a certified Classical Homeopath available for online consultations or treatments from her home clinic in Pardes Chanah, Israel.

She can be reached via her webpage

Whatsapp - +972(0)547793606

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1 Comment

Oct 29, 2022

While I generally agree with this, what about the kids getting the protein from having Covid (sometimes several times)? I think we are witnessing their immune systems also being taxed. They are sick more, longer, and are not as healthy when they emerge from a post-Covid (sometimes post-long term Covid) world.

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