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Covid Ninenteen's Ugly Tenticles

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Not surprisingly, this virus sticks it’s ugly tentacles into all systems, creating havoc and leaving a nasty and destructive trail of symptoms leaving those suffering in a state of shock from the initial onslaught but also wondering if they will ever recover. The recovery seems endless, making this foreign invasion more akin to HIV or Chronic Fatigue (Myalgic encephalomyelitis or ME) - both diseases with implied animal retrovirus origins, according to Dr. Judy Mikovits, expert virologist specialising in HIV, ME and Cancer. 

Doctors have little advise, instructing their patients to be just that - patient. The ongoing breathing difficulties sixteen weeks in, are considered ‘normal’. The severely fatigued are told to rest. Those with burning in the esophagus are diagnosed with silent reflux and put on Protein Pump Inhibitors which help little, if at all. Nausea and diarrhea are suppressed with medication or left to run their course. Everything is managed and not managed at the same time. Scientists investigate ad nauseam to discover what the hell is going on. Nobody has answers. Everything is considered normal and not, leaving patients feeling frustrated, unsupported, invalidated, and hopeless. 

What we do have however are clear symptoms; burning in the esophagus, lungs, and chest, dyspnea - shortness of breath, heart palpitations and pains, extreme fatigue, muscular fatigue and pain, horrendous, relentless pressing headaches, nausea and diarrhea, low hectic fevers, urinary tract infections, excess heat. We also see a recurrence after what seems to many to have been a short reprise. It is often at this point when patients become despondent. "I thought I was over the worst of it", I hear often. "Then everything came back, not with the same vengeance but now it’s relentless". The acute settles in becoming chronic. How best to treat?

As homeopaths, we can only treat what we see before us; symptoms as they express themselves - the presenting layer. And COVID patients present with some common symptom pictures, each specifically tailored to their hereditary predispositions or systemic weakness. Taking this into account, some remedies stand out. In each case, of course, we always look for peculiarities and clues from the individual organism, and we differentiate between similar remedies by asking the patient specific differentiating questions.

Just as you wouldn’t take hydroxychloroquine without consulting with your GP, the same rules apply for homeopathy. It is a nano-medicine and should be treated with the same respect as you would a chemical one. The level of health of the patient, the family history of disease, the personal history of disease, and the current acute and/or chronic state, influence the dose and frequency of the prescription. You can take too much homeopathy and you can take the wrong homeopathy. Some remedies are contraindicated in certain patients and at certain times. For example, the commonly used Arnica promotes blood flow and is therefore contraindicated before surgery.

The following remedy descriptions are not diagnostic, rather they illustrate how Homeopathy matches remedies to symptoms so specifically. If you recognise your symptoms here, please consult a certified Classical Homeopath. Some remedies are made from poison or venom, but there is no need to fear the effects of the raw poison. The homeopathic formula is nano-particle in size, so there is no possibility of the raw material being ingested. Rather the subtle particles alert the immune system in some way without causing harm or lasting side effects. And that is homeopathy's primary purpose - to restore the patient to a state of health through rapid, gentle and permanent cure.

Arsenicum - (Arsenic) when the patient feels like they have been poisoned - and in this case, they have. It has the burning in the esophagus, (often diagnosed as silent reflux), burning in the lungs, respiration is difficult, burning diarrhea, the whole picture is collapsed, restless and chilly. There is much anxiety about the state of their health and they fear they will die. Patients are thirsty for small sips of water. 

Phosphorus - similar in the burning pains to Arsenicum, as well as the anxiety, we differentiate by small details. Phos is extremely thirsty, for large amounts of cold water. They are hot where Arsenicum is chilly. Phos are generally more social, they burn out, they are very open people, easily excited, sympathetic, easily magnetised, and equally magnetic. They often have a tendency to hemorrhage - nosebleeds, heavy periods, fast and copious blood flow. Boericke says, “ Cannot talk on account of pain the Larynx”. Heat between the shoulder blades, great heat and burning pains in the chest, tightness across the chest.

China - interestingly enough, China is made from the Peruvian Bark, the source of Quinine - of which hydroxychloroquine is the chemical active ingredient. For those patients who have ongoing periodical symptoms following an infection; fever, diarrhea, headaches, which occur at the same, time every day or every second day, emaciation from loss of fluids, dullness, sensitive, touchy patients, sensitive to touch yet better for pressure. This is very common in CV-19 patients, the ongoing relentless low-grade fever, the pressing pain behind the eyes, chronic states, despondency sets in.

Stannum Metalicum - Vithoulkas says, “The physical weakness makes him hopeless and despondent, weakness, weariness, latitude, exhaustion, with a strong affinity for the respiratory system”. Talking causes weakness in the throat and chest, pains come and go gradually, aching pains in the forehead. Mucous sticks in the throat. Violent dry cough, chest feels weak, hectic fever - ongoing for months. Difficult respiration from the slightest exertion. I hear this often, the patient musters up all their energy to take a shower and then collapse back on the couch where they spend the rest of the day. Even talking causes breathlessness. 

Gelsemium - this is an excellent remedy for those who present with trembling of the limbs and exhaustion of the muscles. Gelsemium is collapsed, the muscles are weak, the eyes want to close, there is an inner and outer state of trembling, the lower limbs tremor. They are sensitive to bad news, ailments from shock, on hearing bad news. There is vertigo and dimness of vision. The nervous system is affected, the pulse is slow, they want to be quiet to not be disturbed, tonsils are swollen, the throat feels rough, there is little thirst. There is great prostration with violent headaches. Congestive, cerebral complaints. It’s a great remedy for colds and flu in general. 

Some homeopaths have had success using a CV-19 nosode, a remedy made by an electromagnetic device, using the electronic frequency of the virus itself. Though it seems to be more effective in the early stages, it is being used to treat late-stage symptoms too. A nosode is a remedy made from the disease itself and acts much like a vaccination, without the nasty side effects of cell line DNA debris and neuro-toxic adjuvants such as aluminum which cross the blood-brain barrier and deposit themselves in the neurons. Other nosodes commonly used by homeopaths are Tuberculinum, Syphilis, and Carsinosinum. Homeopathic principles taught about genetic predisposition hundreds of years before the genome was discovered.

Being ill for a long time with no answers can really take its toll on the body and the spirit. Patients can become easily despondent and understandably anxious. Homeopathy can offer hope. I encourage those suffering, to contact their local Homeopathic Centers and find respected, experienced Classical Homeopaths (the 'classical' bit is important), to work with, to strengthen their organisms, and support their journey towards healing and renewed vitality.

Link to certified Classical Homeopaths from the International Academy of Clasical Homeopathy

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