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July 2021

Too much information. 

Hi Rebecca,


I wonder if you could help me. When I read the different remedy descriptions I get very confused, some are so exact and others just don't fit at all. It's very difficult to use the remedies confidently because I feel like I'm probably using the wrong one and I dont want to get it wrong, so I usually land up not using anything.



Child and Therapist

Hi Eli, 


You're not alone. Keep it simple when you treating your children and family for acutes. Stick to the remedies you know or the ones available in home family kits. There's usually no need to use the smaller or more unusual remedies.


Write down the 3 main symptoms, looking at frequency and intensity of symptoms and underline them accordingly from one to three. You can use the monogram S.I.C.K to find the Sensation (hot, throbbing), Influence (better undisturbed), Cause (overexertion) and Keynotes (thirsty for small sips).


Now comes the tricky (and the fun) part. Read through the remedies which match and use the one which best fits the immediate symptoms (cough), and the patients state while sick (aggravation from motion). Don't think about how they are when they are not sick, think about how they are right now. 

We always treat what we are presented with. Start with just one remedy in a low potency water dose and observe. If there are no changes at all after an hour of dosing (every 15 minutes, a total of 4 doses), try a different remedy. You don't want to overstimulate with homeopathy but the wrong remedy probably won't do any harm, so in acute situations it's ok to try a few remedies. 

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