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Constitutional Homeopathic treatment looks to clear layers of disturbance which create chronic conditions over time.  Working together, we will find a series of remedies, that will support your complete healing in the physical, emotional, mental, hormonal and energetic systems.  

Mother and a Child

Acute Family


A fifteen-minute family support consultation - fevers, stomach troubles, colds and flu's, sore throats, coughs, nasal congestion, sprains, minor burns, stings, bites, bumps and bruises, performance anxiety, night-terrors, teething.

Boy Throwing Basketball

Behavioral Constitutional 

Treatment of  behavioral challenges, tantrums, mood swings, eating disorders, social challenges, self-esteem issues , anxiety and attention difficulties in children and

young teens. 



Homeopathy is a treatment using highly diluted, potentized plant, mineral and animal materials,  which stimulate the vital life-force of the  immune system in the same way the body itself tries to bring balance. The action of the correct remedy can be miraculous, bringing gentle relief and rapid cure through a holistic and supportive, rather than suppressive action. The effects are long lasting with no negative side effects.


A very beginner's guide to

Homeopathy and family health

A simple introduction to Classical Homeopathy and Family Health for new parents and those starting young families. This practical guide has been written to support parents make healthier and more holistic lifestyle choices. It includes information on health and nutrition and a comprehensive introduction to the principles of classical homeopathy as well as a home Materia Medica for easy reference. The book is easy to read and includes positive parenting tips and wisdoms.


"The manifestation of symptoms is the natural defense of the organism."


Professor George Vithoulkas - International Academy of Classical Homeopathy. 





My two year old was a strep carrier, we had Rebecca treat him and we haven't had any strep since then. 


Rebecca has treated myself and all my kids. She is professional and lovely to work with. She has a calm and gentle energy and has helped us with everything, from small to more complicated issues. 


I've been working with Rebecca for a few years now. She is a brilliant homeopath and a kind and gentle practitioner.  Her remedy choices and empathy helped me to make positive changes  in many areas of my life.  I highly recommend her. 


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